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Tree Farm

Beautiful and Diverse Tree Farm 
in Nicholasville, KY

Here at Glynn Young’s Landscaping & Nursery Center, we are passionate about our tree farm.  We now grow over 3,500 deciduous and evergreen trees, which allows us to test and grow the trees that we feel will do best in our environment. We love to help our customers add new plants and trees to their gardens that will be unique and beautiful for decades to come.   
We are dedicated to bringing beauty to landscapes in the Lexington, KY and Central Kentucky area!

Tree Farm

We started our tree growing operation in 1996 with about 100 trees and have expanded our selection ever since.  Our love of trees and diversity in the landscape led us to continue to add more and more varieties each year.  Today we have more than 3,500 shade and flowering trees in production!  We now have in the field many culivars of rare and hard to find trees in limited quantities.  
Reliable gardening advice for growing trees in Nicholasville, KY

Selection and Materials

Our garden center houses an extensive selection of balled and burlapped trees and shrubs, container trees and shrubs, perennials, and roses. We also carry mulch, fertilizers, and many other materials to help you build your landscape and maintain your newly planted trees and plants. We are your one-stop shop for all your gardening and landscaping needs!

Contact Us

We are happy to welcome you to our garden center in Nicholasville, Kentucky, just south of Lexington.  You can also reach us by phone or email to find out about the plants and trees we currently have available.  
 Some of Our Trees In Production
We have several varieties of most of these trees currently growing in our fields, as well as many other trees not listed.
American Fringe Tree
Chinese Fringe Tree
Dawn Redwood
Ohio Buckeye
Red Buckeye
Pictured below are many of the trees we will be digging for the 2018 Spring Season.  

Call today to find out more about the trees currently growing in 
our tree farm! (859) 885-6100 

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